Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Exam Review #16

16)    Predict the products of the following reactions and write balance chemical equations:
a.     The incomplete combustion of propane (C3H8
b.     Solutions of potassium bromide and lead (II) nitrate are mixed. (include net ionic equation)
c.     Chlorine gas is bubbled into a solution of potassium iodide ( include net ionic equation)
d.     Dinitrogen trioxide gas is passed over water
e.     Solid copper (II) oxide is added to water
f.      The reaction of nitric acid with potassium hydroxide solutions (include net ionic equation)
g.     Aluminum phosphate is strongly heated
h.     A piece of silver metal is added to a solution of aluminum nitrate
i.      Solid barium chlorate is heated in the presence of magnesium dioxide as a catalyst.
j.      Solutions of magnesium sulfate and copper nitrate are mixed (include net ionic equation)